Welcome to Stagedoor Ireland

At Stage Door Ireland we aim to give our students the opportunity to grow and develop their talents in an encouraging but non competitive environment.

Students are encouraged to express themselves within the comfort of a group situation which usually results in a general increase in confidence all round.

Not every student has what it takes to be a star but every student should have the opportunity to experience the joys of performing arts and to learn the disciplines of Dance and Drama and the excitement of performing

Recently both Pat and Emma have become Licensed Practitioners of N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming). This has been a great help with developing students confidence and helping them achieve their potential.

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Costume requirements
  • Stagedoor printed t- shirt
  • Black leggings/ jeans/ tracksuit
  • Black non slip pumps/ runners/ shoes
  • Children in the younger classes can wear a princess / pirate/ fairy/ cowboy etc.. If they would like to keep with the Disney theme but this is not mandatory.
  • All children to arrive in their costumes.
Call times:
  • Students in the 5pm show to arrive no earlier than 4.30pm
  • Students in the 8pm show to arrive no earlier than 7.30pm
  • Student in both shows that have a solo, duet or drama part will require a microphone and sound check between 3pm & 4.15pm and will stay for the rest of the evening until both shows finish. Please arrive as close to 3pm as possible to ensure a sound check.

All students are to arrive through the side STAGEDOOR entrance where their name will be taken on a roll call.

Food & Drink:
  • Please bring a healthy snack and a bottle of water
  • Please leave all valuables at home

Meet Pat Howe

pat howe

Pat has been involved in the performing arts from a very early age. Singing and dancing on most of the major stages of Ireland and playing guitar and singing in various bands. Pat continued his formal training when he moved to the U.K. It was in the U.K. that Pat experienced his first professional work with appearances on BBC Northwest and Granada Television. His Choreography work began to flourish with performances in some of the biggest theatres in the north west of England.

On returning to Ireland he returned to work with pantomimes in the Gaiety and Olympia theatres where he also wrote the scripts.There also followed Television work with ‘People in need Telethon’, ‘The Late Late Show’, RTE jr ‘Bandstand’and ‘Dance Party’.Pat also appeared as Choreographer on reality shows such as ‘Popstars’ and ‘You’re a Star’. Pat has written and released some original songs including a recent performance with Stagedoor Ireland students which featured on last years Late Late Toy Show.Pat and Emma have recently qualified as Licensed Practitioners of N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which they can use to help their students with gaining confidence. Pat has worked with a lot of well known names in the entertainment industry, but the biggest stars are the students he works with on a daily basis.

Meet Emma O'Driscoll

pat howe

Emma O Driscoll, like Pat, danced and sang first and walked and talked second. As a member of a choir and disco-dance troupe Emma had a busy childhood and teenage life.

She spent every waking hour in rehearsal or performing onstage. Emma traveled the country in dance and singing competitions and won many titles and prizes.

As a student Emma worked teaching dance and singing and also singing in Bunratty Castle. It was at this time that Emma auditioned and was successful for the hit television series ‘Popstars’ and made it in to the pop band ‘Six’

With the band she had the fastest selling single in Irish chart history. She had a second number one single and a top ten album and toured extensively in the U.K. and Europe with many television appearances

Since the break up of the band Emma has appeared in many Irish television shows and is now a well known name and face in this country. Emma is currently working as a presenter on RTE Jnr and daily displays her creativity and talent for communicating with children of all ages. A thorough professional, Emma has the perfect work ethic and attitude to help the students of StageDoor achieve their goals.

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Tv Appearances

  • Kazoo: 2 minute musical
  • Den tots: Christmas Carols
  • Hubble
  • Grubz up
  • ICE:
  • Tony tempus: Elev 8
  • SING:
  • The Clue Crew
  • The Late Late Toy Show 2012
  • The Curious world of Professor
  • Fun and Doctor Dull
  • Meet The Orchestra
  • The BEO Show
  • Move It
  • Rte Jr The Secret Life Of Cats

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Fees & Registration

One Term = 10 weeks 3 terms per year

One Class €95 per term (€95 per class)

Two Classes €170 per term (€85 per class)

Three Classes €230 per term (€76 per class)

Four classes €280 per term (€70 per class)


Pats Mon Classes Term Dates
  • Wk1. Feb 24th
  • Wk2. Mar 3rd
  • Wk3. Mar 10th
  • Wk4. Mar 24th
  • Wk5. Mar 31st.
  • Wk6. Apr 7th
  • NO CLASSES Easter Hols 14th & 21st Apr
  • Wk7. Apr 28th
  • NO CLASSES May bank Hol 5th
  • Wk8. May12th
  • Wk9. May 19th
  • Wk10. May26th.
Emma's and Pats Tues Classes Term Dates
  • Wk1. Feb 25th
  • Wk2. Mar 4th
  • Wk3. Mar 11th
  • Wk4. Mar 18th
  • Wk5. Mar 25th
  • Wk6. Apr 1st
  • Wk7. Apr 8th
  • NO CLASSES Easter Hols.15th & 22nd April
  • Wk8. Apr 29th
  • Wk9. May 6th
  • NO CLASSES Due To Stagedoor Show May 13th
  • Wk10. May 20th
Pat’s Thursday Classes Term Dates
  • Wk1. Feb 27th
  • Wk2. Mar 6th
  • Wk3. Mar 13th
  • Wk4. Mar 20th
  • NO CLASSES Thursday 27th March
  • Wk5. April 3RD
  • Wk6. April 10th
  • NO CLASSES Easter Hols 17th & 24th Apr
  • Wk7. May 8th
  • Wk8. May 15th
  • Wk9. May 22nd
  • Wk10. May 29th



Holy Child School, Pearse Street, Sallynoggin